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For theproudpenguin

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Apr. 14th, 2009 | 05:22 pm
mood: giggly giggly

Feel free to skip this. It's an Arashi fanfic I wrote back in March. Penguin wanted to read it but she can't access the forum post I did without joining it. XD

[One-Shot] Happy Birthday Masaki - Masatoshi

Don't ask what possessed me to write this.  I have no idea. XD But it came out so cute.  I'm in a writing mood.  So there will be more fics from me as I get more ideas. ^_~

"Ohno-san, what are you drawing?"

Ohno quickly pressed his drawing pad to his chest, to hide his drawing.  He looked up to find Aiba bent over his shoulder.  "It's nothing," he said after a moment.  "Awe but I want to see!" Aiba exclaimed.  "You can't," Ohno said, smiling, "It's something special."  Aiba's curiosity was peaked.  He bounced on his toes. "Is it a gift for someone," he asked.  Ohno nodded, "It's for someone special."  "Wahhh!  Who?  Who?" Aiba asked, even more excited.  Ohno lifted a finger to his lips and winked, "It's a secret."  "Ehhhhhhhhh?!" was all Aiba could say before Ohno jumped from his seat and put the drawing pad in his bag.  He turned back to see that adorable look of dissappointment on Aiba's face.  He wanted to tell him but he just couldn't.  "You'll get to know soon enough, Aiba-kun," Ohno said smiling.  "How soon?" Aiba asked.  "In a few days..." With that, Ohno grabbed his bag, said good-bye and left.


Later that night, at home, Ohno continued his drawing.  There was no way he could have told Aiba that the drawing was for him.  With his birthday around the corner, Ohno wanted to give him something special.  The only special thing Ohno could give him was a drawing, something that was from the heart.

"Well I could give him..."

Ohno shook the thought from his mind.  A kiss would be the last thing Aiba would want for his birthday.  Ohno really needed to get over this crush on Aiba.  But it was so hard.  Aiba was so likable.  He was always doing things for Ohno, just to do it.  Maybe he liked Ohno too.

"Nani?  Ah what am I thinking?"

Ohno shook his head again and went back to his drawing.  This was going to be perfect.  It had to be.

"Wait a second.  Why does it have to be perfect?  It's just a crush!  Ohno snap out of it."

Was it just a crush?  Or was there more to it?  Ohno continued the drawing as he thought about it.  When did this start?  Ah that was it.  A few months back, it had started simply enough.  Just a brush of Aiba's hand over Ohno's hair as he slept, or pretended to be asleep.  He had been trying to fall asleep but was having no luck.  He heard Aiba walk in but he pretended to be asleep, because if Aiba knew he was awake, there would be no sleep with his energy.  Ohno had not responded when Aiba had called his name softly to see if he was awake.  He was expecting Aiba to walk out, but he didn't.  Instead he had walked over and brushed his hand over Ohno's hair.  That sensation had sent chills down Ohno's spine.  It was such a gentle touch.  He had heard Aiba whisper, "Oyasumi, Satoshi-kun." and walk out.  Thinking back on it, why had Aiba used his first name?  That was unlike him.  It was always "Ohno-kun!  Ohno-kun!"  Never Satoshi in any form...  Could he possibly...?  The thought caused Ohno to blush as he continued his drawing.


A few days later, on Christmas Eve, Aiba sat around his four best friends, smiling as bright as the sun.  The guys had thrown a little party for him and it ended up being both for his birthday and Christmas.  That was Ohno's idea.  After reading the article about it, Ohno had to put it into motion.  Over the course of the last few days, his crush had deepened.  Every smile from Aiba sent his heart racing.  Aiba must have known Ohno was thinking about it, or at least Ohno swore he did, because at that moment he looked over and smiled at him.  Another skip of the heart.  Ohno smiled back, causing curious stares from the other three.  Aiba stood up and bounced over to Ohno, sitting next to him.

"So who gets the drawing you were working on?  I want to see it!"

Ohno swallowed hard.  This was the moment of truth.  He pulled the wrapped present from his side and handed it to Aiba.  Aiba blinked a few times and then opened it carefully.  Once fully unwrapped he held it out in front of him.  Ohno had framed his artwork in a beautiful yet simple frame.  Inside that frame was a very lifelike but dreamlike image of a sleeping Aiba.  His head lay rested on a pillow and a soft sleepy smile on his lips.  Aiba stared at it for a moment, speechless.  It was beautiful.  He looked over at Ohno, who was looking at the floor.

"I...  I don't know what to say, Ohno-kun...  It's beautiful...  You did this for me?"

Ohno could only nod.  Jun looked over at Sho and Nino and nodded.  The three of them left the room, knowing this was akward enough without them watching.  Aiba set the drawing on the coffee table and looked at Ohno, who still refused to look at him.  Aiba leaned over and kissed Ohno on the cheek.

"Arigatou...  I love it."

Ohno's eyes went wide and he turned to look at Aiba, who was smiling softly.

"I love you too...  Satoshi..."

Ohno was like a fish gaping for water.

"How?  How did you know?"
"Heh.  I could see it in the way you drew this.  I could feel it the minute you put it in my hands."

Ohno was floored.  He never expected Aiba to know, let alone feel the same.  He just stared at Aiba in shock.  Aiba laughed, reached over and brushed a stray lock of hair out of Ohno's eyes.  Another skip of the heartbeat.  But Ohno was not going to let this little pup have the upper hand.  He was older.  He was going to take charge.  He scooted closer, leaned up, and kissed Aiba.  But Aiba was expecting this.  He was ready.  He wrapped his arms around the smaller Ohno and held him close.  Two racing hearts, beating in unison.  They separated, breathless.

"Ai...  Aishiteru...Masaki..."
"Aishiteru, Satoshi...  That was the best birthday present.  Can I have another one?"

Ohno smirked and kissed Aiba once more.  He was going to get many more of these little presents today.

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Pengu ☆

From: theproudpenguin
Date: Apr. 14th, 2009 11:52 pm (UTC)

*giggles* That was sooooooo cute. Ohba is definitely a cute pair. ;____; Awwwwwwwww, I feel like hugging thic little fic. XD ♥ Really really cute. :D

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From: sarasaki
Date: Apr. 16th, 2009 02:49 am (UTC)

Hehehe. Hug the fic, it warms you up. ^_^ It came out so cute, I was very happy.

I need to write more fics. XD

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From: sarasaki
Date: Apr. 16th, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)


^ I created a writing journal. This way I don't spam my friends list with my fics. XD I have two other Arashi fics there.

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